We are pleased to announce the opening of Adhera U.S.A. Branch.

The new office is located in Miami, Florida and aims to strengthen the presence of Adhera in North America.

The decision to open this new branch is consistent with Adhera’s international growth strategy and confirms the constant attention to the needs of its customers through greater territorial coverage especially in Asset and Property Management services.


We are pleased to announce a new module in Easy Pro suite: SURVEY MANAGEMENT AND INTERNAL AUDIT MANAGEMENT

Typically, enterprises across the globe implement surveys and self-assessments to track internal or external compliance with policies and programs around conflicts of interest, codes of conduct, information about health & security, and other governance requirements. However, survey execution can often be a complex task with different stages such as survey planning and design, aggregation and analysis of findings, and data reporting. Additionally, it can be tedious, time-consuming, and resource-intensive to manage survey processes using traditional manual tools such as papers and spreadsheets.

The Easy Pro Module Survey Management enables a systematic and automated process to manage surveys for:

  • Systems compliance,
  • Process compliance,
  • Risk assessments,
  • Document management compliance,
  • Mistery Survey (especially for Retail market),
  • Supplier Performance indicators.

Internal Audit Management module accelerates audit cycles, improves audit strategies, reduces audit costs, and enhances auditor productivity. Rich operational and management reporting deliver transparency and risk-awareness, enabling better decisions.

Manage end-to-end audit processes more efficiently with the Easy Pro Survey Management. It enables a systematic, audit process, simplifies work paper management, and provides real-time reporting and intelligence. The web based application has a responsive interface that allows auditors to enter data on-the-go from the convenience of their tablets. It also provides external auditors and regulators with access to audit data for pre-defined time periods.

Download datasheet: Easy Pro Survey Management Module vers. 1

ADHERA will be present in MADE EXPO – FIERA MILANO RHO organized by CONFINDUSTRIA and ASSISTAL (National Association of Energy Efficiency Service Facilities – ESCO and Facility Management).


March 14, 2019 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm BUILD SMART AREA – BOX at Hall 4 (F15 – H20).

ADHERA will be present at the event dedicated to the Retail sector organized by Spazio Progetto on 25 and 26 October in MILAN at SPAZIO CAMPARI (Viale A. Gramscin. 161, Sesto San Giovanni) related to the presentation of 4URSPACE EMEA market.

Easy Pro is 4.0 IOT Compliant for data collection from various Building Management Systems.

A further step forward to define the predictive maintenance processes and control the environmental performance of buildings in particular stores and boutiques in the Luxury Retail sector.

Easy Pro has already been chosen for this type of activity by various Luxury Brands for installation and control in various Flagships.

Adhera, together with Var Group and IBM, is sponsoring the conference of the Italian Council of Shopping Centers ” The Future Mall ” to be held in Milan October 14, 2016 at the National Museum of Science and Technology ” Leonardo da Vinci “.

L’adozione del prodotto Easy Pro permette la possibilità di accedere allo sconto per la cosidetta “oscillazione prevenzione INAIL”, riservato alle aziende operative da almeno un biennio, che eseguono interventi per il miglioramento delle condizioni di sicurezza e di igiene nei luoghi di lavoro.Tale sconto è in aggiunta a quelli minimi previsti dalla normativa in materia (D. Lgs. 81/2008).

L’oscillazione per prevenzione riduce il tasso di premio applicabile all’azienda determinando un risparmio sul premio dovuto all’Inail:



Fino a 10


da 11 a 50


da 51 a 100


da 101 a 200


da 201 a 500


Oltre 500


Possono beneficiarne tutte le aziende in possesso dei requisiti per il rilascio della regolarità contributiva ed assicurativa ed in regola con le disposizioni obbligatorie in materia di prevenzione infortuni e di igiene del lavoro (prerequisiti). Inoltre, è necessario che l’azienda abbia effettuato, nell’anno precedente a quello in cui si chiede la riduzione, interventi di miglioramento nel campo della prevenzione degli infortuni e igiene del lavoro, quali l’adozione di un software come Easy Pro.